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Strong colored chalk pens

Use our chalk markers on magnetic boards, whiteboards and glass. The chalk stick wipes clean easily with a damp cloth and can be used on many other non-porous surfaces such as plastic, metal and ceramic.

Tips and Tricks

Which surfaces are suitable for chalk pens?

Chalk markers can be used on glass, windows or any other smooth surface

Remove chalk pens from blackboard

Make sure your chalkboard is made specifically for chalk pens. Basically, it should have a magnetic surface that prevents air or water from penetrating. It is best to ask the manufacturer of the board. It is advisable to try the chalk marker on an inconspicuous area before using it elsewhere. here is our blog article on this topic.

What is the best way to remove the paint?

It is best to use a glass cleaner such as B. our Belmique Multireiniger and wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

Are the chalk pens suitable for children?

Suitable for ages 3+, our erasable markers are water based. However, we recommend adult supervision while children draw with it.

Can I design my shop windows with it?

Definitely! It is worth working with chalk markers, especially for campaigns or certain holidays. It is best to use this window templates and fasten them behind the window and simply draw the motif.

  • Chalk pens, why ours?

    We believe our products will bring you a great painting experience. From the beautiful colors to the presentation - our markers are definitely something special. In addition, our chalk pen is water-based and therefore suitable for children.

  • Chalk pens for windows

    Get creative with your window! Learn how to create beautiful and elegant drawings on windows or smooth surfaces. The chalk crayons can simply be used as window crayons and are easy to wipe off.

  • Remove chalk sticks

    If you're not sure if the surface is smooth enough for a chalk marker, test it on a small area and try wiping the marker off after it dries. If you are not sure whether the chalk marker is suitable for your needs, you can contact us here contact us or use our live chat!

  • Buy chalk pens for blackboard

    Create beautiful chalkboard art for your local business, for example. You should always make sure that the board is suitable for this. Some chalkboards can be porous, although they don't appear to be. It is best to test them on a small area before using them on other surfaces. With these counselor you are very well positioned.

  • Chalk pens - Also suitable for children

    Belmique chalk markers are child friendly and conform to the European safety standard EN71 offering complete safety for both adults and children. You can easily remove the paint from the following smooth surfaces with a wet or dry cloth: glass, windows, metal, whiteboard, blackboard film, slate and other smooth surfaces. You will be surprised at the benefits and flexibility this product can offer you.

  • Chalk pencil instead of conventional chalk

    People familiar with traditional chalk know that it causes great irritation and inconvenience. It spreads to clothing, floor, hands and all surrounding places and objects. Our Belmique chalk pens are dust-free and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers