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Belmique Acrylic Stone Pens with 10 Colors - Waterproof

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    das sind acrylmarker mit 10 farben acrylmarker für steine wasserfest


    acrylic pens 

    When you try our acrylic pens for the first time, you will be amazed by the powerful, bright colors. That's because for our acrylic markers use highly pigmented acrylic ink.

    Acrylic markers for more flexibility and pto paint

    You can use the acrylic markers in many different ways. If you want a permanent result, you can use them on rough surfaces such as stone, fabric, wood, canvas or clay. If you use them on smooth surfaces such as glass, the colors can easily be wiped off with a wet cloth. Decorating stones or wood, creating interesting window templates and pictures or simply putting a work of art on the canvas - all this is possible with an acrylic pen from Belmique.

    Water based acrylic pen

    Incidentally, the Spen to paint stones also very well suited for joint handicrafts and designing with children, since - in contrast to many other oil colored pencils - they do not contain any questionable ingredients. So they can also get into the hands of children from the age of 3 years.

    If you've painted with regular acrylic paints before, you probably know that it takes several supplies. You will need the paints themselves, various brushes, a container of water and rags. In addition, of course, the surface on which you want to paint. You can certainly imagine that one or two mishaps can quickly happen and paint ends up where it shouldn't - especially when painting with younger family members.

    The markers are also suitable for the whole family thanks to the durable tip. It does not become brittle or fray so quickly, even after frequent and heavy use.

    The acrylic marker set is not only a great pastime for you, but also for other family members

    Waterproof Acrylic Pens:

    • come to you in 10 different powerful colors
    • have a round tip with a diameter of 2 to 3 mm
    • are permanent on rough surfaces and wipeable on smooth surfaces
    • are versatile
    • have a particularly robust tip
    • are completely harmless to health and therefore also suitable for children from 3 years of age
    • are filled with water-based acrylic ink
    • can be used particularly easily and cleanly.