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ballpoint pen with non-slip rubber grip for more comfortable writing. Thanks to the built-in click mechanism, it is immediately ready for you to use

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2 products


2 products

Important questions about our pens

Are the pens refillable?

No, our pens are not refillable. We offer a fair price for the number of pens we sell - and at a low cost per pen!

Can you buy the pens individually?

We also offer individual pens based on availability. Contact us for that please.

Is there a discount for business customers?

Please send us an email to and we will be happy to make you an offer,

Tips to remove ballpoint pen

If you ever got ballpoint pen stains on your jeans or clothing, you can remove them with nail polish remover. Apply a few drops to a microfiber cloth and try rubbing the area. We do not recommend using nail polish with acetone as the solvent is too aggressive. It is best to pay attention to the ingredients on the back.

Ballpoint pen of high quality

Our high-quality ballpoint pens offer smooth and consistent writing for everyday use. Our high quality synthetic ink ballpoint pens have a clear plastic body and are suitable for any application including general use at work or at home. We offer you black, such as blueness Hue color.

  • Buy pens

    Belmique ballpoint pens feature a 1mm tip for a comfortable writing experience and a soft grip for comfortable writing. This ballpoint pen is made of high quality materials and offers excellent value for money. It's perfect for quick notes in the office or at school.

  • Start writing quickly

    Most people want to write better and faster. Write in style with our ballpoint pen that makes writing letters and signing documents a breeze.