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8 pastel crayons

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    KIDS-FRIENDLY TRANSPOSITION PENS – No hazardous ingredients and completely dust-free! Belmique Chalk Pens are not only safer than traditional pastels, they also give you more beautiful colors for every event!
    FLEXIBLE USABLE MARKERS - Bright pastel colors on a variety of smooth surfaces! Whether window, whiteboard, chalk board or glass - our markers can be used as whiteboard markers, glass markers, chalk pens & window pens and express strong colors!
    DURABLE GLASS PEN WITH DURABLE TIP - We offer you extremely durable and resistant tips for our window crayons, which do not fray or become brittle even after repeated use. Use your creativity to the last drop for long-lasting durability!
    ERASABLE CHALK MARKERS - Unlike traditional permanent markers, our markers are easy to remove. You can easily wipe the smooth surface with a damp cloth!

    • Folienstifte is not permanent

      Our transparencies are water-soluble and suitable for writing on transparencies and smooth surfaces. They are not permanent and can be easily removed by wiping the written area with a damp cloth.

    • Ideal as a glass crayon

      This product is ideal for decorating, writing and drawing on clear glass surfaces. You can use this pen in conjunction with our nchalk pens use with a thicker tip to draw thick lines.

    • Buy overhead markers at Belmique

      Our overhead markers are a great way to add fun, style and flair to everything in your life. They are very light and easy to use, making them perfect for any occasion.

    • Water-based glass crayons

      Our innovative chalk pens are water-based, making them safe for children aged 3+. The glass nibs can be used to mark on virtually any surface and allow you to create beautiful drawings that wash off easily.

    • Foil pens with sustainable packaging

      Kraft paper is 100% recyclable and we are proud to package this product in this paper. Kraft paper is made from recycled fibers, giving it an eco-friendly advantage over other packaging materials.

    • Glass crayons with templates

      The best thing about our products is that you can get started right away and it's super easy to use. After purchase, the templates are emailed so you can print them out and get started right away! We have even more tips and tricks in our counselor.

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