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Belmique drawing pencils set of 16 incl. black brush pens I calligraphy pens

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    fineliner schwarze buntstifte bunte zeichenstift brushpens set brush pen schwarz zeichenstifte


    Pens for drawing: Whether for your creative hobby, hand lettering pens or for technical drawings. This set is ideal for both many uses.

    Intense colors: Both the cool and the warm shades in this set impress with their color intensity and luminosity.

    Includes brush pens: With the brush pens and colored pencils, you can give your lettering that certain something extra.

    Durable calligraphy pens: The pen tips are robust and protected from damage by rulers or templates with a metal coating.

    Including various brush pens

    Here you will find waterproof brush pens with different sized tips: 1MM, 0.8MM and 0.7MM as well as a 3MM slanted tip.

    Inclusive Handlettering E-Book

    It comes with a comprehensive e-book guide to creating hand lettering, which you can either use to get you started or brush up on your basics.

    Fine fine liners

    Ideal for detailed drawings

    Various brush pens

    Waterproof and flexible brushes

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    Calligraphy pen and hand lettering pens

    This fineliner and brush pen set includes 12 fineliners, 3 brush pens and a calligraphy pen to give you a variety of writing options for all your creative needs. The colors range from dark and light tones to soft pastel shades. Each individual pen is particularly colour-intensive, so that even the smallest details come into their own.

    Belmique is the brand for you if you love drawing, painting and everything that goes with it.

    – Team Belmique

    • Birthday gift ideas

      Thanks to their high quality and great versatility, these fineliners are also a very practical gift idea. Use them as a personal hobby or give them away to friends who are also interested in creativity. Whatever you intend to do with it, this set ensures that you can implement your ideas exactly.

    • Black brush pens Waterproof

      The three black brush pens included in the set add depth and dimension to your lettering. Because depending on how much pressure you exert on the tip, the thickness of the strokes will also vary. The tips of the brush pens are 0.7 mm, 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm thick. The black calligraphy pen features the signature flat, slanted tip perfect for creating the familiar calligraphic style.

    • Water-based drawing pens

      The pens in the set are child safe and non-toxic. The set of 12 fineliners is ideal for drawing and sketching. The nibs are very durable and the black ink is waterproof, so you can use the pen on white surfaces without worrying about water smudging the drawings.

    • Drawing ideas for beginners

      This calligraphy kit is perfect for beginners, newbies and even experienced calligraphers. The high-quality materials make it easy to get the perfect stroke every time.